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I have always dreamed of having a family of my own, but I never realized how special, endearing, and rewarding it truly is! When Michael was born that night after all the visitors had left and it was just us three laying in bed (yes we co-slept for a little while) Mike looked over at me and said, “We are a family now.” Ahh talk about melting my heart away!!

Michael is officially 6 weeks as of yesterday and listed below are the products/items I have found to be most helpful.

Car Seat - Super Light, compact, and extra sturdy!

Diaper Bag - I couldn’t decide on just one diaper bag, so I purchased the ToteSavvy and it’s ahhmazing! If you love switching out your bags, this is perfect!

Stroller - Since before I was pregnant I always wanted a BugaBoo Stroller and now that I have one I love it even more!! It truly is beautiful and it glides oh so gracefully! My sister has the Nuna Stroller and I love hers too and my sister in law registered for the UPPA Baby and hers is pretty sweet too! I don’t think you could go wrong with either of these!

Carriers - Yes I am that mom that never wants to let her baby go and love carrying them like a kangaroo…and this babybjorn is my favorite as well as the Wildbird that I am wearing in this picture. Shop Here.

Changing Pad - SHOP HERE Hatch Baby..I have a love/hate relationship with this thing. I love the idea of being able to weigh your baby, but you can become a bit obsessive or atleast I am. Best part of this purchase is the App, I use it for everything sleep tracking, feeding, diapers, etc.

Dock-a-Tot - worth every penny! Michael has slept in his since day 1 and loves it..or atleast I do. haha It puts me at ease and I love how snuggled tight he is in it. He currently sleeps in his bassinet and I have the dock-a-tot in it for him to sleep on.

Echo Dot- a major must have! I love being able to cut on his “white noise” or “baby sleep playlist” with my phone or by voice. I also love being able to cut the light on by voice during those late night feedings.

Baby Monitor - SHOP HERE I love the one I have it tracks the room temperature, the sound is great, and it allows you to survey the area.

Swaddle - SHOP HERE Let’s be honest I am not the best swaddler but I do love these premade ones for mommas like me. The one listed below is an absolute favorite for naps because he can have his arms raised and that’s the only way he would sleep during the first few weeks. We have now moved on to the Halo Swaddle which keeps his arms nice and tight.

Lamb Eared Boppy - I use this for whenever he is laying on his back…it helps with developing a flat head.