Born on 12.16.2018 4:54PM | 6 LBS 14 OZ | 20 INCHES

The newest and cutest member of our family. I can’t help but get emotional as I write this post, this child was oh so desperately yearned for, prayed for, and desired. To finally be able to hold him in my arms, to simply mention him is a miracle to me. He is our answered prayer and our hearts are bursting with joy. Sure the nights are hard, labor was intense, the lack of sleep is real, I have no grip on my life but to have a child of my own is ohhhhh sooo worth it! I know I am 100% biased but this little boy of ours has completely stolen our hearts! Mike’s favorite thing to do each morning is to run over to his bassinet and watch him wake up–before Michael our hearts were full but now our hearts are overflowing! When I’m holding him I never want to let go and when he’s napping I’m just waiting for him to wake up. I still can’t believe he’s mine! Thank you for following along in our journey and for sharing in our joy. ♡♡♡