It still feels like forever until our due date, but there was something about yesterday being the first day of November that made me realize we are getting just a tad bit close! I am literally soo excited!!

WEEK 25-26 : Mike and I decided to book our “babymoon” trip for the week of my birthday! Since I had such an awful experience the last time I traveled on a plane we decided to make it more of a staycation and planned a trip to stay in Virginia Beach for a couple of days. I experienced my first fake contraction “Braxton Hicks” during week 26. Such a funny pain just feels like my stomach is flexing!

WEEK 26-27 : Babymoon was postponed due to the unexpected Hurricane that hit Virginia the week of my birthday. It was still such a special birthday because I was pregnant!! I always told Mike that for my 30th birthday I wanted us to celebrate it in Paris unless of course I was pregnant, but I never thought I would be! This was the sweetest birthday of all! Baby was head down, but when we went in for our 3D Ultrasound we found out that little stinker turned...!

WEEK 28-29 : My back pain and upper rib pain is pretty consistent, sitting is extremely uncomfortable. I am so thankful I don’t have a job that requires me to sit I would of had to quit! Sleeping is also pretty uncomfortable but all of these pains are 100% worth it!! Baby turned again! Yay! He’s head down! Can’t believe we made it to the third trimester!

WEEK 30-31 : My midwife warned me to be cautious of my carb intake during this third trimester, but it’s literally all I want! Bread and pasta just smells sooooo good! haha Baby Sofia came to visit this week and it was such a treat to have a baby in our home. Roman fell in love with Sofia! Mila paid her no mind..haha typical!

WEEK 32-33 : I ate ice cream every single day during week 32…oh my word, I couldn’t control myself! I kept justifying myself and telling myself it was ok because it was dairy free! Oh brother, my favorite part about it was that the baby would move like crazy with each bite I had haha! Mike and I have started counting down the days…it’s starting to feel real!

Overall Updates : Exercise: Running - Yes 3-6 miles a day and Mild Weight Lifting in the evening | Heartburn - NO MORE! YAY! | Pains - Upper Back and Right Below the Ribcage | Belly Button : Still In more like a Halfie lol | Wedding Ring is still on | Emotions : I am normally a cry baby but all I do is laugh! Especially at Mike, he is literally the funniest person on the planet!! ♡ Nursery is still unfinished but the car seat is installed haha oh brother! I am waiting on this so called “nesting” state to happen because lately I have zero motivation for anything haha