As I write this post, two weeks after the sale of our home-watching the snow come down, I am so nostalgic thinking of all the memories we had here. Our first Christmas, our first snow, the first time Mike mowed our yard as a hubby! haha, God blessed us with such an amazing season there, my heart is so giddy over His goodness. The most impactful was the actual sale of our home, the process, the waiting, the offer and all the details in between that got us to the final closing day. 

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Back in March of this year, literally every evening for an entire 2 months, Mike kept showing me houses on Realtor.com before bed. It was literally exhausting. I would comment to him over and over "Baby, I look at homes all day long every day, the last thing I want to do before bed is looking at more homes." Finally, I asked him if he was really being serious, if he really did want to sell our home and move. He said Yes. Ohhhh boy here we go, so I put on my "Real Estate Professional Hat", and replied to him if you are going to sell then let's do it now and take advantage of the summer market. So on July 20, our home went on the market and out we went. Because I am a perfectionist by nature (not a good thing) I knew showings with two dogs, a white house, and a dog that sheds black hair would be impossible to have a short notice for showings.  (Short Notices for showings are always best and help in the sale of your home.) So we moved into a home with a total living area of about 400sqft.

Well, Day 10 passed no offer. (Our home is in the median price point of our city so this should have resulted in a quick sale no more than 30 days on the market.) Day 21, Day 30, Day 60, Day 90, still no offer. So on Day 90, we decide to list it for rent. Two weeks later, the perfect tenants are presented and they decided to move forward with the renting of our home. They submitted an application and passed all the requirements. On Day 120 we took our home off the market and moved forward with the tenants. Day 121 (Wednesday) we moved back (tenants couldn't move in until March) and are loving life again. Until Day 123 (Friday) a real estate agent contacts me and asks if he could see our home, that he has a buyer and wants to see it that day. (Mind you our home is off the market at this time) I decline his showing and let him know that my parents are coming to town and that the home will not be available until Tuesday. Well, a couple of hours later he texts again with the same request, this time way more persistent, even still I declined. That evening he sends over a purchase offer, and on Day 125 (Sunday) we are under contract.

Ladies....if you know me, you know I have a plan and a backup plan and a second backup plan. According to my plan, God was not on time, or late, He was past due! When our home was on the market, I constantly prayed for our home to sell, but really for His will to be done. I didn't know if it was His will for us to sell and I was ok with that, I just wanted to know and know quickly. But, He had me wait, wait, and wait just a little longer. This waiting period required me to be solely dependant on Him and Him alone. I constantly reminded myself of Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths." During this waiting period, God's grace demonstrated that no matter what He is in control. Whether our house sold or not God was going to take care of us. 

Two weeks after going under contract the Lord sold our home. God's timing was perfect, it taught me to depend on Him for all the answers, it allowed my parents to stay with us, and for Niza and Chris to visit one last time. Mike nor I could have planned it any better. If you are waiting, I encourage you to keep waiting. Wait on the Lord, and don't go searching for your own answers, or understanding. Read God's word. Hold tight to His promises and journal. Write to the Lord during this season, years later you will be so thankful looking back on such a short season, of what once seemed like an eternity. 

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