Thinking of selling your home or know of a family or friend thinking about selling their home? The photos you include in the listing description can pique a buyers interest or prompt them to keep scrolling. Your photos are the first thing buyers see and unfortunately if the pictures aren't great, buyers will skip right past it. You want your pictures to cause the buyer to want to step foot in the home. Below are several tips to help you present your home in the best light and stage your home for listing photos. 

  1. Clear the Clutter. There is nothing I love more than walking into a home and seeing a clear Kitchen Counter. You want to create a clean space that will allow future homeowners to envision themselves in your home. Remember less is more, meanwhile bare rooms are boring and hard for buyers to envision. Start packing now, fyi buyers do look in closets and drawers. lol 
  2. Furniture. Your aim is to maximize the space of each room creating clutter free, spacious, cozy rooms. 
  3. Lightning. Always have as much natural light exposure as you can in each room. Before a showing appointment make the effort to cut on your lights and open up your blinds. 
  4. Paint. If you can there is nothing more appealing than a fresh coat of paint. 
  5. Curtains. Clean or purchase new curtains, over time they can become dirty and darker. The key is to lighten up your space as much as you can with little to no effort. 
  6. Small touches matter. Get a couple of new throws, have lavendar in the bathroom, and everyone loves a laundry room that smells like fresh linens. 

Picture Source: Pinterest for direct link click on photo