There is something about an all white kitchen I completely adore, I love their clean, simple and airy and simple look.  A white kitchen is more like a blank canvas to me, one where I can add personality through accessories from lighting, hardware, flatware, serveware, backsplash to even the flowers you bring home every week. 

Choosing the counter tops for our new kitchen was probably the hardest thing! Although what did make things a little easier was the fact that because Beazer is not a custom builder they were the ones that provided us what options we could choose from. 

First Picture: Marble | Second Picture: Granite | Third Picture: Quartz

I am currently obsessing over the marble trend for I love its grey veins and white background but as I did my research it is not the most durable stone for it scratches and stains fairly easily. Another trendy option was quartz, my favorite thing about quartz was that what you see is what you get as some of you may know when you go with a natural stone your slab can come out slightly different than what you were expecting. Since, marble was not an option available to us we went with our next best option a white granite! Overall we desired light counters to go with our bright and airy theme.  

How gorgeous are farmer's sinks?! Especially when they are filled with gorgeous florals styled by Rachel from Pink Peonies.

I love how you can completely change the look of a kitchen by switching out the hardware. Love the brass in the kitchen above. 

A little office niche in the kitchen is just too perfect! I still do not know where I am going to make our office area. I am currently deciding on whether we should do pendant lighting or a grand chandelier. I love both looks!  

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