Jacket: H&M | Pants: GAP | Shoes: Steve Madden | Bag: Chanel | Watch: Apple Watch | Sunnies: Karen Walker

Two weeks ago Mike went away on a business trip and on his trip he bought me the apple watch. He is so sweet and thoughtful and the thought of him buying me this watch just makes me giggle. I would never buy myself this watch or even think about buying it hahaha It is just not me but it is so him and that is exactly why I love it and all of my other super cool sneakers, haha. Btw this watch really is super cool and fun a definite must buy! I don't know about you but my phone is practically glued to my hand and after owning this watch, my phone stays in my purse. Making it super convenient for when you receive notifications and watching them pop up on your watch is sooo cool! :) I am such a nerd, I know! Not to mention all of my apps are on my watch too like the bible app, twitter, and instagram! See pic below