One of the very first decisions we had to make was floor type. I am a lover of all light things–fascinated by all things airy and bright. My immediate choice was hands down light floors to obtain as much natural light in our home. 

Choosing between rich dark wood floors and light wood floors was such a CHALLENGE–they are both just so equally beautiful in my eyes. I literally spent several weeks looking through pins, magazines and design books of both looks.  After much thought, looking through pins, magazines, and design books Mike and I took a risk and chose the charcoal finish. (shocker I know) I am actually kind of nervous and am really hoping they do not darken up our place. What swayed our minds was our desire to achieve a more formal and elegant look. (I love a mixture of modern and traditional looks.) We felt as if the lighter finishes we had to choose from were more of a coastal/beachy appearance. We are planning on lighting everything up with light furniture and accessories. Stay tuned for more details! You can also follow me on Pinterest for more home design ideas! Click here!

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