Today we had our pre-drywall meeting which allowed us to go over all the electrical, plumbing and insulation details before the drywall goes up. We also had our home inspector come out and inspect the entire process. I highly recommend this as it serves as a peace of mind but also allows you to catch anything before it's too late or catching it later on could delay your closing date/construction process. 

Here are little snippets of the tiles we chose for our master. We went for faux marble porcelain tiles on our floors,  small white tiles for our shower floors and marble on the walls. ♡

I love the warm white in pictured off the perfect traditional look. 

In our guest bedroom to switch things up a little we shoes to have a darker vanity with light counters and floors for more classic and rich look. 

As we were walking thru our little home, I just had to take a step back and really take in all that the Lord is doing in our lives. Mike and I have been experiencing earthly blessings but above all these blessings, I am oh so thankful for my salvation and for the grace God continues to grant me each and every day. The second greatest blessing of all is having a godly husband. Marriage is tough work and it is by the grace of God that we are able to make our marriage work and blossom for the Lord. I encourage you ladies, to keep your eyes on Christ, to spend time on your knees praising Him, getting to know Him and studying His word. A life without Christ, is one we want nothing to do with. Hope you have a great week and remain faithful! ♡