Chris and I decided to visit Miami for President's day weekend because we wanted a getaway & to celebrate our 2 year anniversary a little early. Praise be to God that he has allowed us to enjoy days off to celebrate our love and union. We chose Surfside Beach because we were looking for turquoise waters, relaxation, and small crowds. We stayed at the Grand Beach Hotel Surfside and loved it! Excellent customer service, great food options, perfect location, and stunning views! 

Reasons why you should visit Surfside Beach

1. Beautiful Beach: This area brings a different light to Miami than what most people expect. Surfside Beach gave Chris & I exactly what we were looking for. Turquoise waters, small crowds, and a great atmosphere. Very family friendly. 

2. Bal Habour Shops : If you have not been to the Bal Habour shops you must go. It is an experience as it is known internationally for its luxury retail. I also love how everyone looks as they have stepped out of a magazine. 

3. Location: Great location for walking and biking. We walked everywhere and enjoyed the views. Very easy to get around. 

4. Food: Great selection for food. If you are craving sushi check out Sushi Republic. Low key & delicious!

5. Great Hotels: Grand Beach Hotel Surfside is architecturally stunning with a contemporary coastal design. Very luxurious, but family friendly makes it a great warm atmosphere. Breathtaking ocean view rooms makes getting up early a breeze.