This Bella Storia took place on March 1, 2015, it was the day my sister married the man of her dreams. My favorite weddings are those that are simple, timeless and tuscan! Oh they are just so dreamy and elegant. This theme was so easy for my sister to embrace since both my sister and her now husband have Mediterranean Roots. 

How gorgeous are these Adrianna Pappell Beaded Gowns?! Shop Here I love small bridal parties, they are so intimate. 

Look at Chris' face!! I am pretty sure one of everyone's favorite wedding moments is the bride walking down the aisle and the groom's face when seeing the bride for the first time, definitely one of mine! Seeing my sister walk down the aisle alongside my dad was so emotional for me, I am so thankful the Lord has blessed my sister and family. 

Chris and Niza are absolutely stunning. I have never met a more gorgeous, picture perfect couple. They compliment each other so well...I could not have dreamed of a more perfect husband for my sister simply because of his deep desire and love for Christ. Marriages without Christ are determined to fail but a man who honors and serves the Lord will succeed through every trial. Chris and Niza dated for almost 2 years and during that time I cannot remember a time that they did not put Christ first. Their love for Christ inspires me and leads me to seek more of our Lord. 

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Christopher James Westphalen!

Venue: Buckingham Estate | Photographer: Maria Glassford Photography | Wedding Planner: Mostly Becky See Video Below | DJ: DJ Gil | Videographer: DSW Films | Caterer:  Gulf Coast Caterer