Meet Fashion Blogger Chelsea Stamer from Style of Denver. Chelsea, is a dear dear friend of mine and my sister's best friend. I remember getting a phone call from Chelsea sharing the exciting news with me of her engagement there was a ton of giggling and screaming! haha I could not thank God for such an incredible and more loving friend. One of my favorite characteristics from Chelsea aside from her bubbly personality is her loyalty and love for Christ. You can keep up with Chelsea and her amazing style here

If I could describe Chelsea in one word on her wedding day it would be fulfilled. All day Chelsea was glowing and beaming with radiance of excitement and joy. Nothing could take that joy away from her because she was truly marrying the man of her dreams, everyone could feel it and see it. ♡

The cutest thing ever was when Chelsea and Michael danced to "Love is an Open Door" from Disney's Frozen. 

MIchael and Chelsea have been married now for a year–June 29, 2014 and here is what she has to share with us:

From the Bride: "In my marriage, I learned that love flourishes in freedom–not in control. Control breeds contempt. I fail at this every day. I so often want to control what Michael feels, thinks, etc. If he's upset about something, I get upset because I don't want him to feel that way. (So twisted, right?!) However, I learned to step back and let him feel whatever he needs to feel because he owns that territory–not me. I care for his heart, but I do not own it. His feelings matter and are a part of him. Michael and I flourish when we give one another freedom to be our total selves instead of trying to mold each other into what we think "should be". What wins at the end of the day is my choice to love him by giving up what I think "should be" and to fully accept and respect my husband for who he is, imperfections and all." 

"So now faith, hope and love abide these three; but the greatest of these is love." 1 Cor 13:13 ESV

Venue: Devil's Thumb Ranch, CO | Photographer: Laura Murray Photography