We arrived in LA early Sunday morning which I was so excited about because we could take advantage of the entire day. But as we all know God is in control of all things no matter how thought out our plans may be. When we arrived Mike was terribly sick thankfully we were able to check into our hotel room early so we rested all afternoon and were able to attend Grace Community Church that evening in Sun Valley, CA. It has always been a dream of ours to visit Grace Community Church we are such a fan of John MacArthur and when we were actively looking for a church home we often listened to John MacArthur's church sermons–you can too click here

On our drive from LAX to our hotel we immediately spotted the infamous Hollywood sign (as tourist we got soooo excited) I wanted to get as close as possible to get a picture! I quickly found out that we could actually hike up to see it! This was such a funny experience because what actually should have only been a 30 minute hike ended up taking us 3 hours as we ended up hiking Runyon Canyon. Mike was getting so aggravated with me as I kept saying "Come on baby trust me we are so close" and he would respond "oh, I forgot you've hiked this trail hundreds of times". hahaha Needless to say, when we arrived to the top it was totally worth it and we were so thankful we did it! Here is the link we used for step by step instructions for our hike.