Happy Monday Ladies, if you follow me on social media you may have noticed that Mike and I were in L.A. this past week to celebrating his 28th birthday!! For several months now Mike and I have been craving a much need getaway to simply relax and spend time with just each other. What better time to get away than on your birthday week! 

Planning this trip was just too much fun, I wanted it to be a complete surprise for Mike–from the location, dates and the exact time he found out! If you know me you know I hate surprises, I am such a planner and can be a bit of control freak but Mike is the complete opposite he is so fun, spontaneous and LOVES surprises, which made the planning part so fun! I could not have planned this trip without they made everything so easy for me from choosing the best airfare, hotel and rental car. It was a one stop shop not to mention all the customer reviews to help guide you on which hotel would best fit your needs.  

During the duration of our trip we stayed at the ever lovely Mondrian LA Hotel in West Hollywood and could not have been any happier. We loved it's central location, breathtaking hotel room views of the city, and it's outdoor lounges. 

The Lord blessed us with such a wonderful and eventful trip! Stay tuned for more of our Travel Diaries!