As a realtor,  I see several homes a day and my favorite homes to walk into are ones filled with natural light, gardens and fresh flowers. I love picking up fresh flowers every week to have around the home. Now that Spring is in full bloom, the options are endless! 

I am a Pinterest Junkie (follow me here) which is where I came across the Roses in a Bag idea. I thought it was the cutest/girliest thing, I couldn't wait to duplicate. 

You will need 2 Small Jars (these are old Starbucks Frappucino bottles) , Scissors, 1 Dozen Roses (or any flowers of your choice), and a shopping bag. 

You will want to measure the height of the flower against the bag before you trim. I trimmed three inches off the stems of my roses. 

Don't forget to trim the stems at an angle as it aids in having a longer lasting flower. 

Once you are done trimming, place 6 roses in each jar.