It's been a week since we arrived back from our most recent trip to Aspen, Colorado.  What a dream it was–a true Winter Wonderland. All I wanted to do was ride the Ski Lift and capture Aspen's beauty. Every scene completely took my breath away and reminded me of our Creator. 

The town of Aspen was such a cute and dainty place.  Although this was a ski trip we dedicated a day to explore the town and visit the shops. That day we had lunch at the cutest French themed restaurant not to mention the food was ahhhmazing!  The shops were absolutely wonderful and it was marveling to look out and see Aspen mountain just a few miles away.  The Lord definitely took my breath away during this trip and am so thankful to have been able to see one of his many creations. 

Each and every day is a gift from the Lord, to be able to walk on this earth, breathe the air He created and to witness His beauty is a demonstration of His grace. We are truly blessed to serve such a gracious God. ♡