If you are traveling to Greece, visiting Athens is a must–even if its just for a day or two! We flew from Washington, D.C. to NYC to Athens arriving there around 10 am. Our itinerary included a day and a half stay in Athens, so as soon as we landed we checked into our hotel freshened up and toured the city! 

Because we were pressed on time, for our day adventures in the city we booked a "hop on hop off" tour that allowed us to go at our own pace and see all the attractions. We were able to go off route, take lunch and venture out to the shops and then jump right back on. I used for all of our tours–it was super easy and very reliable since it is a trip advisor company. :) 

What took our breath away the most was of course the history and architecture of the city. We were blown away by all of the history that consumed this city. To think of how long ago these buildings were constructed, how limited the people were with resources and yet these are some of the most ornate and complex buildings I have ever seen. We couldn't help but think of Christ and how lost this nation was with all their mythology yet Christ was preached and the gospel was spread to the Gentiles. 

Above is Mars Hill where Paul preached his sermon Acts 17:22-34.

I will be sharing the rest of our trip this week...stay tuned!