HARDEST THINGS ABOUT BEING A MOM...none of which have to do with the baby.


Best quote another mom shared with me…. ;)

Whether you had a natural birth, nursed your baby for a year or lost the baby weight in 2 days…your baby won’t care or even remember. Let’s take the pressure off!

Happy Monday Ladies! I hope you are having a great start to your week…a few weeks ago I asked for Blogpost topics and a lot of you asked this question…so here are my answers! haha As soon as I became a mom I was in for a rude awakening…I never realized how hard moms have it and none of these challenges had to do with the baby.

1. The Pressures/Crazy Competition….this one really makes me sad only because none of these pressures are placed on us by God, but rather other moms and it’s easy to get caught up in them.

-Natural Birth, Vaginal, or C-Section?

-How much did/does your baby weigh?

-Are you Nursing?

-Is your baby reaching it’s milestones?

These are just some of the many pressures out there and whatever the answer may be it is the most perfect answer….if the Lord has shown us grace…let’s praise Him, boast in God’s grace rather, and enjoy it! Let’s not puff ourselves up…when did we have to put someone down to build ourselves up?

2. The Excuses people make for you….now this one is just plain annoying haha Mike and I can’t help but laugh about this.

-Your house is clean…oh it’s because you only have one baby.

-Your baby is blah blah blah…oh wait till you have two kids.

-Your life is in order….oh it’s because you are a stay at home mom.

-I’m just gonna laugh at you guys getting overwhelmed over “one” baby.

While these might be true, it’s not kind to discredit any mom whether they have one baby or five. Personally, after seeing my sister-in-law raise twins…I do think a singleton is much easier (not easy), but being a mom of 1 or 10 is difficult. I love being able to relate to other moms and am so thankful for those moms that have shared their struggles/challenges/and difficult moments.

3. Breast Milk is Best,…this was probably the hardest for me.

-I heard this phrase all throughout my pregnancy so it was engraved in my mind and it made perfect sense to me…I thought, “well, of course it is, the Lord made it, so it’s the best.” Well, it wasn’t the case for me. As I write this, (I can’t help but get emotional and am immediately filled with guilt )Michael was severely losing weight on my breast milk and I ignored all the signs because “Breast milk is Best”. The picture above means so much to me, I love that little blue bottle I am holding and love the milk that is in it even more! I am so thankful for Formula and that the Lord has allowed something as such to exist that will nurture and grow our babies. I had to stop breastfeeding and by God’s grace Michael is no longer losing weight, dropping in percentiles, but rather growing and thriving. ♡

All in all, I hope this post encourages you ladies, being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me aside from being a wife. I love it so much, my life is filled with so much purpose and love! I can’t even describe it..but being a mom to Michael makes my heart burst with joy! I prayed and waited so long to be a mom and am so thankful for how God has written out my story..whatever your story may be, whether that is by c-section, nursing or not, having a big baby, or 7 children, you are an awesome mom and have such a high calling! The Lord is so good and His standards are the only ones we should live by! With so much love, Nioby.