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1. We have become more productive…this one amazes me. You would think that becoming a mom would consume my entire day and not allow for anything to get done. Meanwhile this was semi-true for the first couple of weeks but as the baby got older I became more effective and efficient. We have learned to maximize the time that we have by utilizing it to the fullest especially when the baby is napping!

2. We wake up earlier…we attempt to be up at least 30 minutes before the baby..my goal is to wake up 1.5 hour before he wakes up..but I am slowly getting there haha

3. We go to bed earlier…I love this one! Since baby goes to bed around 7:30-7:45 we too end the night earlier, hanging out for about 2.5 hours and then shutting off for the day.

4. We hangout more. When we are together we are present and avoid all other distractions.

5. We invested in a home gym. Mike’s favorite…but I do enjoy it too! Mike works retail so his days don’t start as early and his work day ends a little later than the normal 8-5 so his time for the gym was in the evening. But I really disliked him coming home and then having to leave to go to the gym. When he got home, I just wanted him to be home and enjoy his company. But fitness is really important to Mike so a home gym is perfect! (He did a lot of research on the equipment he wanted and was shopping on a budget but you’d be surprised with what he found on Craigslist!)

6. We pick up after ourselves..this is probably my favorite because it has made my life sooo much easier. This is a true game changer…just taking 10-15 minutes out of our evening each day to tidy up as made the world of a difference. Thank you baby ♡

7. We have embraced the minimalist approach…well I have..haha Mike isn’t quiet on board yet. We have a community yard sale this weekend so we shall see how much he allows me to get rid of! haha I probably get rid of 5 things every single day..Mike says before long we won’t have anything..not true but in a way I do want to have as little as possible. My goal is for our rooms (family, living, dinning, bedrooms) to be as crowd and clutter free. We pray Michael isn’t our only child, and if the Lord wills for us to have more children that means more things and I want our children to enjoy living in a home that they can live, play and not have to walk on egg shells around lol

8. We get our groceries delivered. Best convenience ever! I am so thankful for this little business that has been created, it has saved us money and time! It has saved us money in the sense of avoiding impulse buys that allow us to stay within our weekly budget.

9. I have learned to give myself a break. Not in a sense of carelessness but accepting that whatever doesn’t get done or didn’t happen it’s ok. And if there is too much on my plate that day or week I make sure to take the pressure off. Learning that Mike and the baby are my priority and everything else is secondary.

10. I dedicate 10-30 minutes to self-care each day. I didn’t realize how important this is…I realize that when I dedicate some time to myself whether it’s changing my polish, putting makeup on, reading a book, shopping online, etc...it gives me an emotional boost of motivation.

Thank you Friends for following along and checking in on me from time to time! Being a mom has been the greatest blessing and I love being able to share this season of my life with you! As I read this list I can’t help to think about how different life with be with more children and what changes we will make because all in all as everyone keeps telling me having one child is super easy! haha Are you a momma of multiple children, if so how has life changed for you? What changes have you had to make? With so much love, Nioby