Since having Michael the most common question I get asked is how am I liking being a stay at home mom or how has the transition been? If you are new to the blog, before being a mom I was a real estate agent for 10 years and switched careers in December to staying at home with our first born. I also get asked why I wouldn’t just do both since being a real estate agent can be such a lax career but in reality…if you want to be good at either you can’t do both ALONE. ♡

I have always dreamed of being a wife and a momma, and once I found out I was pregnant I couldn’t wait to switch careers! There isn’t a day in which I miss working, at times I miss meeting with new clients and touring homes, but I would never trade being with Michael for it. In the very few weeks of being a mom I did struggle with feeling “successful” my whole life I had been able to tangibly measure my success. Good grades, first place, made the sale, got the sale, etc. but being at home with Michael…there was nothing to measure so I constantly questioned my worth, but that quickly went away the moment I read God’s word as I was reminded of what a great calling mother’s have.



When Mike and I first got engaged during our prematerial sessions one of the topics we talked about was what life with children would look like and we both agreed that if the Lord allowed it we wanted for me to stay at home with our children. Well, children didn’t come into the picture until 5 years later…but we did some preparing before hand financially and that was solely living off of Mike’s income. I cannot thank the Lord enough for this because it really made the transition so easy, we didn’t have any financial burdens that got in the way.

I feel so blessed to be a momma and a mom that is able to stay at home with her baby is a complete dream. I thank the Lord and Mike everyday for this wonderful blessing. The days are long, my job doesn’t end or have a finish but boy oh boy how worth it is to me! I admire all of you mom’s out there! Love you all! xoxo