As soon as Mike turned 29, I knew I had to start planning for his big birthday! So back in January, the pressure was on! With so many places to go, it was hard to pick the perfect spot, I was literally losing my mind over it so I would ask the hubby questions like if you could go anywhere where would you go? Would you like to go sightseeing or do something adventurous? Although his answers were helpful I still had no idea where to go, so I sought after my sisters help to ask her about several different places and if Chris and she would join. AND THEY SAID YES and so we decided on Costa Rica. To be 100% honest I wasn't all that excited about Costa Rica, I was more excited about them joining us! haha Well, little did I know how spectacular Costa Rica would be! 





My initial plan was to wait until two days before our trip to tell him, but I caved in and told him 2 weeks before but I didn't share any details just the location and who was coming. Niza and I were for sure he 100% had figured out what I was up too but when I asked him if he knew he had no idea I was planning anything. (shucks..maybe I should have kept it a secret..haha!)


Next post I will be sharing all the details of our trip from where we stayed, the tours we did and total costs! Best part of this trip was how inexpensive it was!