After traveling back and forth from Florida to Virginia and vise-versus several times a year, I have developed a strict dress code for myself for optimum comfort. Two things I hate when traveling: freezing on the plane and being swollen for days. So if you are traveling soon, below are some easy tips for your long day of air travel.

1. Dress Comfy: Ditch tight skinny jeans or anything non-stretchy for that matter. Opt for a light jacket rather than a sweatshirt or sweater. (Easier to take off and put on) Pack socks in your carry-on! 

2. Heels or Flats? It's up to you, whatever you are choosing to wear just make sure they are easy to slip in and out of. We, Americans, are probably the most impatient people and no one likes someone to hold up a line because you chose to wear the most strappy sandals. 

3. Two Words: Compression Stockings! If your flight is longer than 3 hours you are placed at a higher risk for blood clots. I know, I know, who wants to look like a grandma wearing these ugly things, but believe me your legs, veins, and body will thank you. I typically slip mine on after security and take them off once we land. I purchased mine from a vein specialist in my area but you can shop them pretty much anywhere click here

4. Lastly Tumeric. What is it? It is a natural supplement that helps with many different issues but my favorite is with inflammation. Every time I travel, I always feel swollen, I can barely take my wedding ring off and after a couple of days I feel fine but that's typically when I have to fly back and the inflammation returns. I take Tumeric the morning I fly out and feel normal when I land no swollenness! Definitely worth it! Shop Here