oh Santorini, there are no words to describe your beauty. When we arrived at the Santorini port, we were completely mezmorized by the massive mountains surrounded by the Medierranean sea. 

When we unloaded onto shore, the mountain side was massive and overwhelming, with little roads going back and forth up the mountain, resembling a trail. The higher the bus took us on the mountain, the more beautiful and breathtaking the site. We then arrived into the town in which we were staying, small roads, filled with lots of people. 

The site from our resort felt like it was high enough to oversee the whole island.

We spent our entire first day exploring the town of Fira, eating on what seemed a collapsing mountain hill with the most out of this world views. I was so distracted with excitement, I left our camera in our hotel room. (so upsetting! All of these photos were captured on my iphone) Fira, had an array of resturants and shops including vegan ice cream! We were thrilled! 

The next day we set sail...can't wait to show you!