Our Second Day in Mykonos we spent in Delos, which is a small island on the outskirts of Mykonos. The island no longer exhibits any habitation and is used as an archeological site. It served as a port during the 1st millennium B.C. The experience was incredible especially to witness how the people lived, the market places, the theatre and the history behind it all. 

Our transportation arrived early (you will notice from some of the photos my crazy untamed hair) at our hotel and took us to the Mykonos town port pictured above where we caught the ferry and rode to Delos. Pictured below is the port at Delos and our ferry. 

We were in awe at how everything was built out of marble and granite. There was marble every where! All I kept thinking about was how heavy these materials are and how they didn't have the machinery we have today. It was simply breath taking to see how intricate, detailed and ornate each piece of structure was. If you love history and are fascinated by it, this is a must see! I am not a history lover but I thoroughly enjoyed it so much! 

After our tour of Delos, we headed back to our hotel walked to a near by restaurant for a late lunch. After relaxing and unwinding at our hotel, we freshened up and explored!  (Notice my hair is tamed lol) 

Mike and I completely fell in love with Mykonos, we loved being able to walk the streets with the local natives and experience their culture and way of life. Every street we walked down was picture perfect.

From our hotel we walked down to Ornos Beach and ate at Kostantis...if you are ever in Mykonos it is a must both the beach and the restaurant! The food was oh so yummy and the service was pristine. 

Each day just kept getting better and better...stay tuned for more! Thank you for following along and for your emails of recommendations!