I am a lover of all things domestic. I love everything that has to do with the household and that includes cleaning! ♡ I am so thankful the Lord blessed me with finding so much joy in cleaning, cooking and serving for it brings Mike so much joy and love. Like they say "Happy Hubby Happy Wife!" 

If you have been keeping up with me on either Snapchat or Instagram you may have noticed that we have a new addition to our family...Roman. He is our little Rottweiler puppy! Mike has been dreaming of owning a Rottie since we were married and had to settle with Mila lol but for his birthday he asked for this little thing..finding a breeder was so hard! Well, now that we have a puppy in our home this means...you said it...more work and more cleaning! 

Here is a round up of my favorite household cleaners for different chores:


  1. Detergent : All Free & Clear - I love this product because it so gentle on the clothes free from dies and perfumes. 
  2. Dryer Sheets - I am not particular on any kind I mainly just go with the one that smells the best. I never use fabric softener as it is harsh on your clothes and shortens the life of your clothing.
  3. Stains: Shout - My number one go to will always be Shout! Oh my I live by this stuff. Having white sheets, towels, blankets and comforters. Stains are always something I have to deal with and Shout eliminates them every time without being to harsh or abrasive.  


  1. Wood Floors : Bona - I love this product. I enjoy mopping so much because of Bona. It literally makes my floors look ahhhmazing and brand new each time. 
  2. Carpet : Resolve - It smells so good and really cleans up stains instantly! I don't know what I would do without this especially now that we have a pup! 
  3. Vacuum : Dyson - I had to really beg Mike for this one! Oh but it is totally worth it. It is so light weight, I literally vacuum every day. The only downside the battery life is so short. When it dies I just move on to my next chore while it charges. 

General Cleaners:

  1. Glass & Mirrors : Honest - I typically don't buy any particular brand I always look for a product that is amonia free and vinegar based as it will be less harsh on mirrors. This particular brand I love because it is good for the environment and even for us! 
  2. Toilets, Tubs & Showers : Tilex - I know this product is extremely abrasive but when it comes to toilets I want it to be lol. I love using Tilex on our all white shower flower and tub in our guest bathroom. 
  3. Disinfectant wipes : Clorox - Mike carries these on hand lol He literally has one container in his car at his desk at work..I mean every where. 
  4. Multisurface - Mr. Clean - I love love love to use this on my ring. I pour a little bit in a glass enough to cover my ring and let it soak. Within 30 minutes you can already see all the gunk come right off. & it smells so good! 


  1. Dish Soap : Dawn
  2. Granite Cleaner : Simple Green - With granite sometimes soap and water will do the trick every once in a while I will want a really pretty shine so I will use this product. I do not recommend it for daily use. 
  3. Stainless Steel : Zep - Works magic! 

"She seeks wool and flax, and willingly works with her hands...She also rises while it is yet night, and provides food for her household...She watches over the ways of her household; and does not eat of the bread of idleness." Proverbs 31: 13, 15, 27

I pray we may be wives that are always willing to serve and work hard. Spending our time wisely not allowing ourselves to get caught up in laziness or things of this world. Have a wonderful week!