Summer Days are here and Mike & I could not be any more thrilled! We have been waiting for the warmer seasons to get here so we could start working on our yard and outdoor-scapes! When we moved into our home our builder designed our front yard landscape which we didn't mind except for these three little pines. Mike and I had it in our minds to replace them as soon as we could lol so we did! Having our own yard as been one of the greatest blessings–it's another fun activity that bonds us together. I love seeing him mow the lawn, water our peonies and trim our bushes. 

Growing up I have always been around yard was a family affair and I grew up to loving it so much. Little fun fact...I thoroughly enjoy picking weeds..I love the before and after. I also can't help but think of the Lord's work in my life as He continues to pluck out all of the weeds in my life sanctifying me and growing me in His grace. ♡ 

I absolutely love stopping by local nurseries and shopping away..but this season I was a little late in shopping for peonies but I was able to find them at Home Depot! The best time to plant peonies is in the fall but I just couldn't contain myself any longer..I will be sure to inform you of how they turn out. Next up on my list to get are knockout roses, oh how gorgeous they are here!! Which I will be sharing in a post soon!