If it could be one season all year long I choose Spring! Oh it is absolutely lovely! The flowers have bloomed, the grass is greener, the sun is out, and the windows are left open! All my mind can think about is being outside and working on the yard! I can't wait to have my own flower garden! And Mila of course feels the exact same way! 

As I watch the flowers bloom and spring blossom Matthew 24: 35, "Heaven and Earth will pass away but my words will not." This is a promise of the Lord's and I can't help but hold onto it so tight as I watch our generation chase after the things of this world. I encourage you ladies to keep your eyes focused on Christ we can never reach a state of contentment when it comes to our walk with Christ. We must continue to grow in knowledge of him and studying His word daily. 

"Oh, how merciful, how gracious, how wise, how good our God is to His redeemed people! How gracious He has been to our souls in hedging up our way, bringing into our lives disappointments, pains, afflictions, and sorrows--by which He has sweetly and irresistibly forced us to return to Him! 

No trial endured by God's child would ever cause a murmuring thought to rise in his heart--if he knew God's reason for sending it. God's way always leads His chosen people in this world, through a dark, troubling wilderness--but God's way is always "the right way."

Within the rough shell of sorrow, we find a sweet kernel of grace. Even when His providence brings great pain and sorrow--our heavenly Father's eye is ever watching over us to do us good. Our heavenly Father often sends his tender mercies, on the black horse of trouble! As winter prepares the earth for spring--so our afflictions prepare our souls for glory!" -Don Fortner