HAPPY SPRING LADIES! Spring is finally here and evidences of it are all over our home! 

The month of April has felt forever long and so eventful; with so many wonderful moments. Last week my sister and her husband were visiting us for the weekend and oh how wonderful it was! It was so nice to have them here all to myself! The last time Niza was here was right before she was engaged! Chris actually took advantage of her being out of town to ask my parents for her hand in marriage! Seriously how sweet! My sister-in-love Krissy she is pregnant and on Wednesday was her gender reveal party and they are having a boy and a girl!!! Mike and I are so ecstatic and cannot wait for those little bundles of joy to arrive! With spending much needed time with family and real estate season kicking in full swing, blogging as been put on the back burner but I have some pretty exciting things lined up over the next few weeks and months! 

I leave you ladies with some words of love and encouragement sent to us by our pastor:

"God created all things for His glory. He is to be worshiped, loved, adored, and magnified because He is God. The world does not comprehend the greatness of our God or His mercy, long suffering, power, and salvation. As we  prepare to gather to worship our heavenly Father through Jesus Christ tomorrow, pray that we would enter His presence with humility and reverence. Pray that we would give God His rightful place in our hearts and in our worship together. God opened salvation to us by His grace and now we can come together and worship Him in Spirit and truth. To Him be all the glory."

With Love, Nioby