Happy First day of March! Can you ladies believe ¼ of the year is already gone!! Which leads me to write this accountability post, how are we keeping up with our new year’s resolutions? Are you on track? Do you remember them? Unfortunately, many give up after just a few weeks because our goals haven’t turned into habits. Whether you are trying to lose weight, read the bible more, eat better, here are some helpful tips to keep you on track this year….its really not too late!

1.     GET MOTIVATED. Ask yourself why do you want to adopt this habit? How will your life improve once you develop this habit? What will happen if you don’t? If you’re a visual person, write down your answers and post them where you’ll read them daily.

2.     START SMALL.  Lasting habits take time to develop. Start by setting small goals that will eventually lead you to accomplish your end result.

3.     SET REMINDERS. I absolutely love my planner for this one–at the start of every month it asks me to list my goals, I love to pencil in m short term goals for each month in this section. It’s easy to fall off track when you’re in the process of adopting a new habit. Consistency is key, and setting a reminder will help you build good habits.

4.     REPLACE A BAD HABIT. The key to getting rid of a bad habit is to replace it with a better one.

5.     GET OTHERS ON BOARD. Goals are so important and its always discouraging when we look back at the ones we never achieved and why. Most of the time is because of a lack of accountability. The more people you tell, the more accountable you feel.

6.     BE REALISTIC. Changes don’t happened overnight–they happen over time and through consistency.

7.     THINK SHORT TERM–DO IT FOR 30 DAYS. Studies show it takes 30 days to form a habit. Stay committed to your habit for a full 30 days.

8.     TAKE ONE HABIT AT A TIME.  If you are like me you may get really hype and want to attack several goals at once, but doing too much at once may hinder you from even accomplishing one goal. Focus on one thing at a time.

9.     REWARD YOURSELF. For every milestone a small reward will keep you motivated. Think about how you will reward yourself ahead of time so you have something to look forward to.

Need inspiration/motivated keep your eyes focused on Christ in reading His word. Nothing motivates me more than reading about Christ. Below I am re-sharing my resolutions for accountability! 

Need accountabilty...email me, I would love to hear about your goals and plans for the year! All in all be anxious about nothing and pray earnestly about everything. Have a great week! With so much love, Nioby.

this valuable information was researched by Psychology Today, december 31, 2009 provided by Buffini & Co.