Today I am sharing with you ladies, “5 Tips on how to maintain a joyful spirit during a gloomy winter season”. After living in Virginia for 2 years, what I miss most about Florida is the sun. I miss long sunny warm days. I absolutely love being outside and doing outdoor activities because its either raining or super cold, I tend to want to be indoors all day and if I am home munch on everything in sight! Haha So if you are anything like me, these few tips might help you get through it cheerfully! 

1.     Read God’s word DAILY. If you aren’t in the habit of doing this everyday, don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking it has to be an extensive reading or study. Mike always reminds me that my focus should be spending time with the Lord–even if it is just reading a verse or several chapters. Christ is the source of our joy, we could never experience joy if it weren’t for Him. Life has so many trials/obstacles but facing them with Christ’s truth engraved on our hearts allows us to smile no matter the situation.

2.     Keep up with your Workout Routines. Nothing is more comforting than carbs when I am oh sooo cold lol I love pairing my hot coffee with a blue berry muffin or pumpkin bars. But…carbs make me feel tired, which leads me to feeling unmotivated and all of a sudden a week as gone by since I have been to the gym and the numbers on the scale have increased. When I workout, I feel better and make healthier decisions throughout the day which keep me feeling energetic.

3.     Keep fresh flowers around your home. Mike and I love seeing flowers in our home, keeps things feeling fresh and adding more life to our home especially during those cold winter dry months.

4.     Treat yourself to a Manicure. Our hands, skin and face tend to really dry up during the winter season, keeping up with your skin and hands will make you feel better and taken care of.

5.     Cut off the TV and read a good book! Here are some of my favorites: Mark of the Lion | Attributes of God | 12 Extraordinary Women. When I am at home I tend to leave the TV on while I clean/cook but I always catch myself afterwards being a coach potato. Mike and I always talk about how if there is one way to waste time it is by watching TV, it’s truthfully so mindless. So next time you just want to plunge down on the sofa…grab a book instead! 

Have a Happy Wednesday!! With Love, Nioby