Why is saving money so hard!!! haha I often compare saving money to loosing weight, it is so easy to put on those extra pounds but losing them is a real nightmare! They both take hard work, determination and discipline. The key is learning to say no to the things you want right now for the things you want most...like buying a home! Read more for 5 simple tips on saving for a downpayment. 

1. LIMIT SPENDING ON LUXURY OR NON-ESSENTIAL ITEMS. It is tough to sacrifice the luxuries you love to save for a big purchase, but you'll be surprised how much you save. Visualize your new home every time you are tempted to spend money on luxuries, like a spa day, new handbag or other expensive extras and put that cash toward a down payment. 

2. SPEND LESS ON ENTERTAINMENT. Saving money doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your entertainment budget. Get creative and switch up the norm. Instead of splurging on restaurants several times a week, cook at home or take a cooking class. You'll learn new skills and improve the ones you have, while making a great meal in the process. If you like going to the movies, rent one online from M-GO (on Smart TV or Apple TV), which often has movies still in theaters for a lower rental rate than buying a ticket. 

3. CUT YOUR CLOTHING BUDGET. Instead of splurging on new clothes at the mall or whenever an email announcing a sale pops into your inbox, take a second and think about why you're saving money in the first place. Set aside a clothing budget at the beginning of the month–when the money is gone there's no more shopping for the month. Discipline shoes real results. 

4. POSTPONE A VACATION. Many first-time homebuyers pit off taking an expensive vacation while saving for a down payment. Instead of going somewhere exotic or far away, head somewhere closer for a long weekend. Or, rediscover the sites of your city or town. 

5. AVOID AN UNNECESSARY PURCHASE. Do you really need a new car right now? Try to postpone making large purchases until after you've bought a home, and you'll get in to your new home that much quicker! 

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