When I first laid eyes on a flocked Christmas tree three years ago, I instantly fell in love! The heavier the flocking the more gorgeous they were to me! I wanted one so badly so I looked in every store and found none, then looked online and couldn't believe how expensive they were. So I purchased the prettiest green tree from Hobby Lobby and convinced myself I could flock my own tree. And soo I did. 

Linked are more in-depth video tutorials and sites. Video 1Video 2Site 1Site 2

You will need:

1. Flocking Powder Purchase Here

2. Canister

3. Spray Bottle filled with water

Here is how:

1.  Prep your space. Preferably outdoors or in your garage.

2. In sections mist sections of your tree 

3. Sprinkle on the Powder in misted wet sections.

I flocked my tree three years ago, now that flocked trees are trendy they are becoming more affordable, if I had the option of flocking my own tree and purchasing one, I would definitely purchase these: Tree 1, Tree 2, Tree 3, Tree 4.  I would love to see your Christmas trees, if you post pictures be sure to tag me!!