Spending the day after Christmas on the ocean was a real treat! To simply feel warmth, sunshine and the wind blowing against your face felt ahhmazing! The water was a little cold for me so I just soaked up the sun. I am reminiscing as I look through this photos in sweatpants, long sleeve and hoodie! haha 

One of my most favorite things to do when I visit my parents is to go boating. I call them ahead of time to make sure they clear their schedules so that we can do it! There is just something about arriving to the beach by boat. The entire ride is so relaxing (Mike thinks otherwise...he has to take Dramamine before I love that we get to avoid the traffic, parking and finding the perfect spot on the beach. Not to mention its the perfect lighting for pictures, as you see my mama even busted out her cell phone! haha  If you have never been boating on the ocean I highly recommend doing so! I promise you will love the experience! 

I hope you ladies are having a wonderful week and are keeping your eyes on Christ! With so much love, Nioby!