If I had to wear only one outfit for the rest of my life I honestly think it would be a white blouse, jeans and heels–I love how easy and simple pairing up the three can be. ♡  I also wore the same combination here

I am flying to Florida tomorrow and could not be any happier! I am so excited to see my family, to hug them, talk for hours, catch up and soak in their presence. This month has been a trying month with heavy trials thrown our way but in the midst of darkness there is always light with Christ. I am so thankful for the grace God shows His people when we are truly so undeserving of His greatness. I was also reminded how important it is to keep our eyes on Christ, for our flesh desires the things of this world and it is Christ whom sanctifies us. Everyday the world throws at us its views and opinions that too often we start to develop our own views of things rather than God's one and only view. Remain strong, study God's word, and never stop pursuing Him. We are so blessed to know God, we owe Him our entire lives. For more encouragement listen to this sermon

Hope you have a wonderful week!