I am so excited to finally be able to share such good news! Mike and I are building our first home!! Eeek! This whole process has been a complete surprise for us. As a real estate agent I am always keeping an eye out for potentional home possibilities but Mike and I were in no way looking. We thought this would come later–baby first then home purchase. Another reminder of God showing me who runs things. ♡ Amongst the many builders and communities in our area, after much prayer, research, and negotiations we chose BEAZER HOMES and could not be happier. Our community/neighborhood is extremely new and fairly small in such a convenient location, which we loved and was a huge factor in our considerations. Another option we chose to go with was deciding whether we were ready to jump right into a single family or townhome. We ended up going with a townhome–we felt this was the best for our current situation and lifestyle and a perfect little big home to grow in with a little over 2000 sqft. For more information on Beazer click here

Our little family is bursting with excitement especially Mila as she will finally have a yard to play in! We are extremely thankful to our Lord, for the favor and grace He has shown us. 

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with home there is no variation or shadow or turning. " James 1:17



  1. Your Dream Home - You have the ability to design your dream home. From Exterior options to interior paint, flooring, cabinets, bathrooms, counters, etc. 
  2. Various Floor plan Options- The majority of builders offer quiet a few floor plan options to best fit your needs. Example you may not want a traditional dinning room you may want one big open layout. 
  3. Energy and Cost Saving. A brand new home means all new materials, equipment with better efficiency. 
  4. Home Warranty. Typically a builder will issue a 1 year warranty and will even make repairs to minor imperfections before closing.


  1. Base Price - Read the fine print. Typically the base price offers you the most basic package, depending on the upgrades you choose you can quickly drive that price up. 
  2. The Model Home is not what you are getting. The average model home generally has $30000-$50000 in upgrades. 
  3. Top Dollar. Generally if you were to build a home from scratch it is way more expensive than if you were to buy one that is already built. 
  4. Time Frames. You have to be flexible. Since the day we signed we have already gone from an August closing to October. 


  1. Established neighborhoods– with resale homes you can automatically get a feel for the neighborhood in a new construction there is no telling. It could take years for the development to finally finish if it even finishes. 
  2. Upgrades for 1/3 of the cost. The price we are paying for our upgraded kitchen we will never get back when reselling but it will help our home sell faster. Example a pool may cost you $30000 to put in but will in the end only add a $8000 value to your home when reselling. 
  3. Everything is Negotiable. In resale homes the buyer can ask for absolutely anything and everything (not that you will get everything you ask for) but both parties know negotiations are bound to happen. From repairs, to closing costs, to a price decrease. 
  4. Lush Landscaping. One of my favorite things in homes is the landscaping, I love mature plants and trees and this can only be obtained by either paying a lot of money by having them put in or waiting a couple of years for the plants to mature. 
  5. 30-45 day closing.


  1. Maintenance. Because you are buying a used home it is going to have wear and tear, it may need a new HVAC, the roof is getting older, the water heater isn't working. 
  2. Less Energy Efficient. 

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