I may be biased but Sanibel Island is one of my favorite beaches located on the gulf containing thousands and thousands of the most gorgeous sea shells. 

When I was a little girl weekends were spent at the beach especially Sanibel.  I remember the first time going to Sanibel and hating it. All I wanted to do was play in the sand but with every step I took it felt as if  I was stepping on rocks. My dad then explained to me that these shells I was calling rocks were beautiful treasures of the sea created by God. There were thousands of them.  these shells were every where. It wasn't until later in life that I was able to see their beauty and appreciate how marvelous this island truly is and how greatful I was to call Southwest Florida home. ♡ 

Mike and I made it back home from our oh so lovely trip to Florida last night and thought sharing this post would be fitting as I look out the window and watch the snow come down. May you all be safe and warm. ♡