When it comes to Jean Shorts, I am probably the pickiest person – they have to fit right, cover the rear end, and if they are distressed they have to be done properly. My favorite shops that I can almost always count on are listed below. 

1. Express - This store will always be my first go to for clean cut denim shorts and great quality. I know I can count on them to have almost every color and style. The ones pictured here are from Express they are not online but are in stores. I am wearing a size 00; they are high rise and have complete coverage of the rear end. Only negative Express really sticks to seasons so if you are vacationing in the winter to some place probably won't be able to find any shorts in stores. 

2. One Teaspoon - these are a bit of a splurge buttttt they are worth every penny! I absolutely love the quality and their distress. I like to size up for complete coverage so my size with them is a 26 for the style Bandits. Shop Here 

3. Forever 21 - when I am looking for trendy things I can always count on Forever 21. I love how they have great styles and are extremely affordable. Sometimes the fit isn't the best but for the price I can't complain. 

4. H&M - This shop comes last because it is always a hit or miss, the fit isn't always right either too tight or too loose but sometimes I can find a really good pair. I never shop on their online site for denim shorts; I always go in the stores for the reasons mentioned above. 

From Left to Right : Image 1 - Forever 21 | Image 2 - Forever 21 | Image 3 - Forever 21 | Image 4 -  One Teaspoon