HAPPY FRIDAY!! It has been extremely dry and hot...which I don't mind at all lol but because it has been so dry our plants and grass are withering away! haha So I have been praying for rain...thankfully the Lord has sent us rain these past couple of days! Living here in Virginia and experiencing seasons I am in awe of the Lord's common grace to this world. As I think back just several months ago every tree was without a leaf and now everything is green and plentiful. The Lord simply takes my breath-away as He commands the sun to rise and set, the rain to fall and the moon to shine. It is only by His grace that we can enjoy His wonders! ♡

As you ladies may know I love pretty much all things white...it truly is my favorite color to wear even when it rains. So I must say, who says you can't wear white? Me. lol just make sure you do it modestly and appropriately..here's how: 1. Wear Rain Repellant Fabrics 2. Always carry an Umbrella 3. Wear Rain-boots or Vinyl covered shoes. I have linked similar items to my outfit below! Remember rain or shine the Lord is good! Have a wonderful weekend!