Have any of you ladies ever had maryland crabs?! Aren't they sooo delcious! One of my favorite things of being married is experiencing my hubby's family traditions. Every summer Mike's Family will order bushel of crabs, gather family and friends together and get crackin'!

Eating these things gets sooo messy, smelly and dirty haha (hence the newspapers)–but it is totally worth it! When I first looked at these things I had no idea where to get started, I should have made a tutorial of Mike teaching me how to get to the good stuff! Soo funny, he's quite the expert! 

What are your favorite summer traditions? I would love to read about them! I hope you ladies are enjoying summer, it's fresh blooms, heat and sunshine!!! 

Crabs are from Decatur's Crabs 2022 Plank Rd, Fredericksburg, VA 22401